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This map shows historic environment information for the Highland Council area - you may need to zoom into the map to make the details appear. The map can be expanded to your full screen extent by clicking on the far right tool on the toolbar at the top right of the map. To shrink the map again just click on the same tool. A key to the symbols used for archaeological sites and fieldwork events can be seen to the right of the map. Sites selected using a simple/advanced search are shown highlighted in yellow.

Please note that information about Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments (SAMs), Gardens and Designed Landscapes, Registered Battlefields and Historic Marine Protected Areas is made available courtesy of Historic Scotland. If you click on these records you will be taken to information on Historic Scotland’s website.

The map also displays Conservation Areas (blue outline). Information is only available for a small number of these. If you require further information please contact us.

To print this map, press print screen and paste into a graphics or other editing program.