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External Ref:Project 266
Name:DBA and walkover survey - Inner Sound, Canisbay
Organisation:Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (ORCA)
Date:July 2011


The Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (ORCA) was commissioned by Xodus in 2011 to provide a baseline assessment of the onshore historic environment assets in an area of the Canisbay parish, Caithness, that may be affected by a proposed marine renewable development. The general area was subject to a desk-based assessment whilst the immediate development area was subject to a walkover survey. The walkover survey, conducted in July 2011, was undertaken in a systematic manner, field by field, with transect width appropriate to the conditions (mostly pasture, silage, cereal crop and rough grazing). Any features or sites identified were assigned an individual site number, in the same sequence as the sites identified in the DBA, briefly recorded by notes, sketches, photographs and handheld GPS and evaluated. Whilst there were no SAMs, Listed Buildings or other statutorily designated assets within the development areas themselves, there are such sites close by. A total of 18 sites were identified at the Ness of Huna and Ness of Quoys Options combined, of which five were of moderate significance, one uncertain and the rest of low or negligible significance. Both options have potential for significant archaeology to be present, therefore at this stage neither option is preferred in terms of potential direct effects. It is therefore concluded that further evaluation of the areas may be required, conducted using geophysical techniques and/or intrusive evaluations in order to establish whether or not significant remains do exist within the option areas and thus identify any risks. <1>

Information from the DBA and walkover survey report was subsequently used to inform an Environmental Impact Assessment submitted as part of a planning application. An expanded and more comprehensive version of the original report was submitted as supporting material for the Cultural Heritage chapter within the main EIA document. <2> <3>

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Fieldwork report  © Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (File size: 6543 KB)Environmental Statement extracts  © ORCA and MeyGen (File size: 4395 KB)
Grid Reference:Centred ND 3308 7246 (7326m by 2966m)
Map Sheet:ND37SW
Civil Parish:CANISBAY
Geographical Area:CAITHNESS

Associated Finds - none

Sources and further reading

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