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New Sites (18 October 2010)

Here is a selection of the new information that was added to the HER in September and early October 2010. Click on the links below to view the full records. To view new sites that have been added following recent field surveys, please go to New Fieldwork Reports and follow the links. 

Badlipster Farmstead, Camster

Ruined building, Achairn

Small field system, near Thuster Mains Farm

Ceann a’ Mhaim Cairn Rows

Site of Life-saving 'Rocket Apparatus', Helmsdale

Possible coastal defence, Cuthill Sands

Shell midden, Cuthill Sands

Possible WWII Coastal defences, W of Dornoch Point

Barns/boathouses at The Girnel, Littleferry

Putative cist, Kintradwell Links

A number of features at Loth Radar Station: Bunker, Lookout post, Radar Mast Base

Enclosure, Storr Forest

Two compartment stone house, Storr Forest

Steading and Farmhouse, Braeton of Leys

Steading, Annat Farm, Corpach

Power house, Army camp, Lochailort

Royal Engineers Workshop, Army camp, Lochailort

Possible ammunition stores, Army camp, Lochailort

Possible Anti-Aircraft Ordnance Depot, Watten

Cruivend Cottages, Beauly

Hut circle, Dalreavoch

Boundary dyke, Allt an Sgiobail

Clapper Bridge, Kerrynamanoch

Hut circle settlement, Cnoc an t-Socaich

Hut circle settlement,Allt an Tuirc

Hut circle, Cladh Maireannach

Hut circle, Gilbert's Hill

Estate Track and Borrow Pit, Gilbert's Hill

Hut circle, Strath Lunndaidh

Turf and stone bank, Strath Lunndaidh

Midden, Culnacnoc, Skye

Site of Tileworks, Allangrange

Possible sheiling hut, Sciberscross

Possible cist burial, Scibberscross

Hut circle, Sciberscross

Steading, Kincraig

Croft house, Treeton Farm, Culloden

Signal box, Spean Bridge Station

Inverlair Bridge, Tulloch