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New Fieldwork Reports (15 December 2010)

The following new fieldwork reports were received and added to the HER in November and early December 2010. Click on the links to view the records and download the full reports. In some cases these reports will contain new sites that have not yet been entered into the HER.

Evaluation at Loch Migdale, Sutherland (Wessex Archaeology)

Desk based assessment and evaluation at Sutherland Road, Dornoch (Alba Archaeology Ltd)

Geophysical survey, Loch Migdale, Sutherland (GSB Prospection Ltd)

Underwater survey, Crannog, Loch Migdale, Sutherland (Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology)

Pre-felling rapid walkover survey, Kinloch 3 (Martin Wildgoose)

Watching Brief on Trench between Structures 2 and 3, Leitir Fura (Martin Wildgoose)

Survey of all structures at Leitir Fura, Sleat, Skye (Dualchas Museums' Service)

Desk-based assessment and walkover survey, Tongue to Melness Pipeline (Jacobs Engineering UK Ltd)

Desk-based assessment and walkover survey at Coignafearn Estate, Tomatin (Alba Archaeology Ltd)

Desk-based assessment and walkover survey, Glen Convinth Water Main Renewal (Highland Archaeology Services Ltd)

Archaeological Evaluation at Conon Bridge School, Leanig Road, Conon Bridge, Highland (Stuart Farrell)

Updated Desk based assessment, Loch Maree Water Pipeline (Jacobs Engineering UK Ltd)

Desktop and walkover survey, Scalpay Woods, Scalpay, Highland (Stuart Farrell)

Watching brief: Tongue-Melness Water Mains Pipeline (Jacobs Engineering UK Ltd)

Watching Brief, Daviot-Whitebridge overhead line (Highland Archaeology Services Ltd)

Walkover survey, Acharry Muir (Archaeology North Ltd)

Beechwood Farm, Inverness: Geophysical Survey (Archaeological Services, Durham University)

Watching Brief: Preston's Croft, Roster, Caithness (Highland Archaeology Services Ltd)

Airdens, Bonar Bridge: Archaeological Watching Brief (Highland Archaeology Services Ltd)

Watching brief: Qunitfall, Lyth, Caithness (Highland Archaeology Services Ltd)

Walkover Survey at Muie Grazings, Lairg/Rogart (Highland Archaeology Services Ltd)

Watching Brief and Site Visits: Lairg 33kv Overhead Line Renewal (Highland Archaeology Services Ltd)