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New Sites (1 December 2011)

Here are some of the most interesting new sites added to the HER in November. The recently discovered Viking boat burial has been added - new information will be made available as this is released to us. Also included are sites newly surveyed by the North of Scotland Archaeology Society and a number of sites reported to us by participants in ARCH's Invergarry Community Timeline course. 

Many more sites have been added as a result of recent fieldwork, and these can be found by following the links from New Fieldwork Reports.

Don't forget we welcome your information so if you know of sites that are not currently recorded in the HER please get in touch!


Viking Boat Burial, Ardnamurchan peninsula

Farmstead, Bunchaolie

Site of farmstead, North Kinrara

Possible dun or fortification, Tor Alvie

South Laggan Church

Icehouse, Glenquoich Lodge

Invergarry ROC observation post, Laggan

Possible hut circle, Little Rogart

Possible fragment of early roadway, Tallysow Wood

Possible fragment of early roadway, Meikle Ussie

Possible fragment of early roadway, Coill an Righe