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Inverness (Crown) Conservation Area

A Conservation Area Character Appraisal for the original Inverness City CA (designated in 1970) was carried out in 2004. This recommended a number of additions be made to the Conservation Area.

In 2006 the original Inverness City Conservation Area was de-designated and Inverness (Crown) was designated as a new Conservation area with accompanying Article 4 Direction, based on one of the recommended amendments. The Riverside area of the city was designated as a Conservation Area in its own right. The order was publicised in the Edinburgh Gazette on 03/02/2006.


Inverness Conservation Area Character Appraisal (2004) vol. 1: Summary report

Inverness Conservation Area Character Appraisal (2004) vol. 2: Appendices

Inverness (Crown) Designation order (2006)

Inverness (Crown) Conservation Area map


You can find more information and links about Conservation Areas by going to the Highland Council web page.