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Record details

Type of record:Monument
Name:Slipway, Dornie


Old Council listed building record (for up to date description see link to Historic Scotland's website)  © Highland Council(photo by Andrew Puls)  © Highland Council
Grid Reference:NG 8794 2630
Map Sheet:NG82NE
Civil Parish:LOCHALSH
Geographical Area:SKYE AND LOCHALSH

Monument Types

  • PIER (Built, 19th Century - 1801 AD to 1835 AD (between))
Protected Status:Listed Building (B) 6998: Ardelve, Slipway

Other References/Statuses

  • Historic Environment Record: MHG9202
  • NMRS NUMLINK Reference: 11824
  • NMRS Record Details: NG82NE30 DORNIE PIER
  • Old SMR Reference Number: NG82NE0023

Full description

NG82NE 30 8795 2630

Graham, A and Gordon, J, 1988, 'Old harbours in northern and western Scotland', Proc Soc Antiq Scot, Vol 117 (1987), pp 265-352, 328 (Text/Publication/Article). SHG1309.

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