A lot of your records contain the same information as Canmore. Do I need to check both resources?

Canmore is the database of the National Monuments Record of Scotland (NMRS), held by the RCAHMS. The Highland HER, then known as a Sites and Monuments Record, was originally set up in the mid 1980s as a paper record using information from the NMRS and other sources. Canmore also formed the basis of the Sites and Monuments Record database which was established in the mid 1990s. The Highland HER now takes annual downloads from the Canmore database to ensure that any sites that have not been notified to us directly may be added to our records.  

Whilst we import new site information from Canmore, it is not possible or desirable to update the details for existing records and in many cases the entries on Canmore and the HER will differ substantially as each is added to independently. We would therefore strongly advise anyone carrying out research on any aspect of the historic environment in Highland to check the entries in both the Highland HER and Canmore. All the Canmore records can be accessed directly from this site by clicking on the links at the end of the HER entries.

The Highland HER also receives a great deal of information through other channels. The NMRS does not take in new information from the Scottish HERs and accordingly there are many thousands of sites on the Highland HER which do not appear in the Canmore database. We may also hold more recent details about the condition of many of the sites. As well as the database records further information can often be found in the associated documents, almost all of which are available online through this website.