I know of a site that isn’t on the HER. How do I tell you about this?

We welcome any new information relating to the historic environment and would encourage you to get in touch. If you have information about a site that isn't already on the HER, you can get in touch by going to the Contact Us link on the left hand menu. Please use the form provided. This can be filled out digitally and emailed to us, or you can print it out and send it by post. Please remember to include a grid reference. More information about this will soon be available, but in the meantime if you need any help please let us know. 

We are very keen to receive photographs of new or existing sites as well as other information such as drawings, references to articles, etc. The best way to send us photographs is to email them, but if you prefer to send a CD or prints then feel free to do so. You can provide details by filling out the form below and sending it to us either by email or by post. If you are sending us information by post, please let us know if you wish to have it returned. 

Photograph information form (interactive PDF form)