Simple Search

The Simple Search allows you to browse the main HER database using a combination of search options.


The Keyword search allows you to enter specific words, such as a site type or placename. This will search the main sections of the records and return matching results. Please note that due to the size of the record set there are some limitations to the Keyword search. If you cannot obtain the results you require please contact us and we can run a search on our internal database.


The Period search allows you to search for records from a particular time period. A search on a wide period like "Prehistoric" will also return all the records with narrower dates, such as "Neolithic", "Bronze Age", "Late Bronze Age" etc. So if you are searching on a wide date period, it's probably best to combine it with a location or keyword.


The Area/Parish search allows you to search for records within a specific area of Highland. This is useful for narrowing down your search, but you may prefer to use the interactive map.


The Record ID search enables you to search for a specific ID number using any of the different numbering systems represented in the records. If you don't know the Highland HER number (prefixed by MHG), you can find the record you are looking for by entering the NMRS site number or the old Sites and Monuments Record number.


If you find you are receiving unexpected results, or no results, it may be because of a temporary glitch or an incomplete load so please get in touch.