New Sites (7 September 2011)

After a long hiatus in website updates, there are lots of new additions to share with you. We consider the following new sites to be among the most interesting. These include a second new Class 1 Pictish symbol stone from near Tore on the Black Isle, a number of recently reported shieling sites in the Drumochter Pass area, and a number of features that may be associated with the "Road through Ross".

Many more sites have been added as a result of fieldwork, and these can be found by following the links from New Fieldwork Reports.

Don't forget we welcome your information so if you know of sites that are not currently recorded in the HER please get in touch!


Narrow gauge railway track, Loch Lundie

Site of spectator grandstand, Northern Meeting Park, Ardross Street, Inverness

Milestone, Dunnet Head

Class I Pictish symbol stone, Cotterton (2 of 2)

Channels, Ford of Conon

Circular feature, Dunglass Island

Rectangular earthwork, west of Ford of Conon

Earthwork, Tallysow Wood, Brahan

Rectangular platform, Tallysow Wood, Brahan

Site of curling pond, Broad Wood, Maryburgh

Shieling, Aldsporran

Shepherd's house and fanks, Balsporran

Shieling settlement, Allt an Creagach

Shieling, Allt Coire Dhomhain

Shieling, Delachurn

Cup marked stone, East Mulchaich

Possible still house, Ryefield House

Farmstead, Lower Ryefield

Farm workers' cottages, Teandore

Circular feature, Brahan

Clearance cairns, Latheronwheel

Dyke, Latheronwheel