New Sites (28 October 2011)

Here are some of the most interesting new sites added to the HER in September and October. These include several newly identified prehistoric sites, a mysterious structure at Toman na Croiche near Laggan and an intriguing find of some 2nd World War phosphate grenades in Wick that may have been used by the Secret Army. 

Hundreds more sites have been added as a result of recent fieldwork, and these can be found by following the links from New Fieldwork Reports.

Don't forget we welcome your information so if you know of sites that are not currently recorded in the HER please get in touch!


SSPCK School at Lonemore, Gairloch

House (Lordy's Ruin), Croft 59, Lonemore

Findspot of axehead at Washingwells Farm near Auldearn

Square Cottage, The Square, Roshven Estate

Approximate findspot of Neolithic stone ball, Hilton

Cairn, 500m south of Admiral's Farm, Edderton

Seaforth Burial Enclosure, Brahan Castle

Possible prehistoric pit, 4 Kilbride, Broadford

Possible cist, 4 Kilbride, Broadford

Balalastair, South Laggan

Township, Achadrom

Toman na Croiche, South Laggan

Circular enclosure and associated features, Druim Mor

Cup marked boulder and possible standing stone, Druim Mor

Site of fishing station, Eilean na Rainich

Findspot of WWII phosphorus grenades, Bank Row, Wick

Possible rock shelter or still, north of Soulmarksie

New photographs of Dalmore Distillery