Searching the Online HER

If you have any questions about searching the HER which are not answered in this online guidance then please contact us and we will be happy to help. 

The online HER includes a number of different components. The main HER database includes details of all the known archaeological sites and historic buildings (known as Monuments) in Highland. This database can be searched using any of the available search tools.  

The online HER also includes details of archaeological fieldwork/investigations, scheduled monuments and listed buildings. You can find and view these using the interactive map.  

The online HER can be searched in a number of different ways. Click on the links below for more information: 

  • You can browse the main HER database of archaeological sites and historic buildings (Monuments) using the Simple Search
  • For more experienced users, the Advanced Search offers a number of additional search options. These include searches by monument type, date range, a radius search by grid reference and the ability to search for records updated within a certain time period. 

Both text-based searches will return a list of records which can then be displayed on a map (to a maximum of 150 records).  

  • If you want to search the whole range of HER information, including fieldwork events and legal designations, then the best way to do this is by using the Interactive Map.