Remembering Strathpeffer

During winter 2010/2011 a group gathered at Strathpeffer Community Centre four mornings to remember the physical remains of Strathpeffer – buildings, sites, or monuments which were new, modified or no longer there. Using old maps, photographs (some more than a century old), a detailed sales prospectus from the mid 20th century, and memories spanning over 80 years, information about over 80 sites was gathered. Some pupils from the school joined us as well, looking on in some amazement at the excitement and enthusiasm in the room. It is clear that given more time even more information could have been gathered, and hopefully future projects will continue this work.

The sessions were organised by ARCH which provides opportunities for people interested in learning about and helping to preserve their heritage. Thanks to Generations Working Together: the Scottish Centre for Intergenerational Practice for providing the funding for this project. Thanks also to the Highland Museum of Childhood for allowing us to see text panels from their 2009 ‘Hands Across the Sea’ exhibition. But most of all thanks to the group who braved difficult weather to share their many memories and photographs.  

Susan Kruse, June 2011


Download the Remembering Strathpeffer project report 

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