Remembering Hidden Tain

A pilot oral history collection and recording project took place in Tain between October and December 2011 organised by ARCH (Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands). The project was designed to establish the potential community interest in a future project to investigate "Hidden Tain" and to look at three specific aspects of this:

  • Traces of Tain's past as a main centre of pilgrimage
  • Traces of any early settlements on the Tain Links and environs
  • A study of changes to the Highland Street


There was an enthusiastic response to the events with 53 people participating and 85 people attending the subsequent day long exhibition. 49 entirely new sites were identified to be added to the Highland HER and further information was gathered about 40 more.

Links to a selection of the project findings will be added here when available. 

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Download the Remembering Hidden Tain project report