Map Search

The interactive map displays all the records in the Highland HER against a background of Ordnance Survey mapping or modern aerial photography. To print the map press "Print Scrn" on your keyboard and paste into Paint, Word or other graphics/editing program.

Screen grab of Highland HER interactive map (zoomed out)


Hand tool

Click and drag the map using the hand icon. 


Zoom box

Click and drag a box to zoom into the map. 


List of recordsDisplay a list of all the site records (purple dots/outlines) in the map extent. Click on the record names in the list to view the full records.


Information toolGet information about an HER feature on the map. Clicking on a feature using this tool brings up a pop up box with a hyperlink to the full record.


Navigation toolThese buttons allow you to move back and forward through your previous map views.


Go to maximum extentView maximum extent (ie return to the map view of northern Scotland)


Zoom in to display the HER data layers listed on the right hand side of the map.

Screen grab of Highland HER interactive map (zoomed in)

Display Options




You can switch layers on and off using the check boxes in the Display Options box, or switch from an Ordnance Survey map background to aerial photographs.

This can be very useful in areas where the map is cluttered with lots of features.

Click on "Show Me" after making your changes to refresh the map view.






Find Location


If you want to see HER information for a specific place or area you can zoom to a particular location using the "Find Location" search box. Type the place name or postcode and click "Search".

If there is more than one option then select the correct place from the drop down list. The distances refer to the distance from the centre of the current map display.



 Grid reference search


If you know the grid reference of the place you are searching for you can go there directly by using the Grid Reference search box.

If you want to find the grid reference of a location on the map then right click on the map and an 8 figure grid reference will be displayed here (useful for telling us about unrecorded sites!)