Thesaurus Term/Concept: CORE SAMPLING

Identifier 145121
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The retrieval of samples for laboratory analysis from buried features that have been sampled using boring equipment.

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Context Record
Event Type EHG3683 Auger survey - Blàr Mòr Moss, Fort William, Kilmallie (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG4588 Core Sampling - Badentarbat, near Achiltibuie (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG4615 Core Sampling - Glen Affric (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG1046 Environmental sampling - Reidchalmai, Little Rogart, Near Golspie (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG3279 Excavation of Two Buildings, Environmental Analysis and Recording of a Bridge, near Polnish Chapel (Event - Mixed)
Event Type EHG388 Geophysical survey - Ballachulish Moss (Event - Mixed)
Event Type EHG2647 Ground Penetrating Radar surveys - around Loch of Yarrows (Swartigill Burn) (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG2645 Ground Penetrating Radar surveys around Loch of Yarrows (Oliclate) (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG2646 Ground Penetrating Radar surveys around Loch of Yarrows (South Yarrows) (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG1313 Palaeoecological core sampling - Farr Wind Farm, Farr, Inverness (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG1134 Palaeoenvironmental sampling at Oliclett, near Wick (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG3253 Sea-level change assessment, Clachan Harbour, Raasay (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG156 Topographic Survey and Core Sampling - Ballachulish Moss (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG389 Trial trenching, test pitting and coring - Ballachulish Moss (Event - Mixed)