Thesaurus Term/Concept: EVALUATION

Identifier 145128
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A limited programme of intrusive fieldwork which determines the presence or absence of archaeological features, structures, deposits, artefacts or ecofacts within a specified area or site on land or within the inter-tidal zone.

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Context Record
Event Type EHG5015 Archaeological Evaluation - Land West of Tikvah, Beauly (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG4814 Archaeological Evaluation and Watching Brief - 8 Hallin Park, Waternish, Isle of Skye (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG5587 Archaeological Structures in upper Glenn (Glen) Cannich (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG1651 Bishopfield, Dornoch (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type EHG5309 Evaluation - Aviemore Waste Water Treatment Works (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG3927 Evaluation - Near Clunes House, Cromarty (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG4025 Evaluation - New house and shed at Croft 1, West Suisnish (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG5871 Evaluation - new house extension, Chapelfield, Corslet, Rosemarkie (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG5755 Evaluation - Stoer Church, Clachtoll (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG2891 Helmsdale A9 (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG1276 Leithhal, Bonar Bridge, S (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type EHG5756 Trial trenching - Re-wilding Centre, Dundreggan (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG3667 Watching Brief and Evaluation - Broadford Medical Centre, Strath, Skye (Event - Intervention)