Thesaurus Term/Concept: AUGER SURVEY

Identifier 145111
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Transect or area-based arrangements of drilled auger-holes used to describe deposits and collect samples.

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Context Record
Event Type EHG4833 Archaeological Evaluation - A830 Polnish (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG3683 Auger survey - Blàr Mòr Moss, Fort William, Kilmallie (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG1325 Auger survey - Brora Back Beach, Clyne, Sutherland (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG5313 Auger survey and watching brief - proposed Achlachan Wind Farm, Watten (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG4855 Environmental Survey - Freswick Links, Caithness (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG3069 Excavation at Langwell Farm, Strath Oykel (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG3279 Excavation of Two Buildings, Environmental Analysis and Recording of a Bridge, near Polnish Chapel (Event - Mixed)