Thesaurus Term/Concept: METAL DETECTING USE

Identifier 145148
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The hobby of using a metal detector to hunt for buried coins or artefacts; alternatively the use of a metal detector to locate metal artefacts on an archaeological excavation that otherwise would go unnoticed.

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Context Record
Event Type EHG3696 Excavation - Point Battery, Fort George, Ardersier (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EHG746 Finds from presumed site of burgh fairs in Cromart (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG3690 Metal detecting survey - Culloden Battlefield (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG3692 Metal detecting survey - Culloden Battlefield (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG3443 Metal detector and probing survey of HMS Dartmouth, Sound of Mull (SOMAP) (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG2903 Metal detector survey - Field of the English, Culloden Battlefield site (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG2901 Metal detector survey - Site of new Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG2800 Metal detector survey and watching brief at Laggan Lea, South Laggan (Event - Mixed)
Event Type EHG3205 Metal-detecting survey, North Dornoch (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG1598 New Road at Kinellan Farm, Strathpeffer (Phase 1) (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG5833 Watching brief and metal detector survey - Culchunaig Steading, Westhill (Event - Intervention)