Thesaurus Term/Concept: ARCHITECTURAL SURVEY

Identifier 145110
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Recording and analysis of built structures utilising close observation as well as manual or electronic survey equipment such as GPS and REDM (Reflectorless Electromagnetic Distance Measurement). Includes research, fieldwork and a report.

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Context Record
Event Type EHG5524 Building survey - 68 High Street, Dingwall (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG4259 Building survey - Castle Sinclair Girnigoe (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG5516 Building survey - former Herring Station, Tanera Mor (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG5515 Building survey - Tanera Mor (Event - Survey)
Event Type EHG5409 DBA and building appraisal - 92-94 Academy Street, Inverness (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type EHG5485 Excavation - Aldourie Castle (Event - Intervention)