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Thumbnail Photo showing stone crucifix and bell - J Kirby, 04/2004

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NM76NE0047 Graveyard
J Aitken : 18/12/02
It has been observed that lichen has been removed from the stone crucifix in the chapel, leaving it open to further deterioration.
Information supplied by J Kirby, 03/06/04
------Centred NM 7520 6830 Burial-ground

(NM 7520 6827) St. Finnan's Church (NR) (Remains of) Burying Ground (NAT)
OS 6" map, Inverness-shire, 2nd ed., (1901)

Little is known of the early history of the chapel of Eilean Fhianain. It is perhaps built on the site of a cell which St. Finan had upon the island in the 7th century and the builder is believed to have been Alan MacRuaridh, one of the early Clan Ranald chiefs. The island was the burying place of the Clan Ranalds until the end of the 16th century.
The chapel became a ruin by the mid-17th century. The altar, however, remains, and on it stands a 6" high D.A. bell.
A circular brass brooch found in the burial ground was donated to the NMAS in 1896.
Proc Soc Antiq Scot 1896; M E M Donaldson 1923; W J Watson 1926; S Gordon 1935.

St. Finan's Chapel (locally accepted name) is oriented E-W and measures 21.0m by 5.6m within a wall which is 0.9m thick and c. 2.8m maximum height. In the N wall are the lower halves of four windows, and near the E end is a square-headed aumbry. In the W wall is the lower part of a window and in the S wall the lower part of three windows, and towards its W end a doorway. The altar and bell remain intact at the E end.
The interior has been used for burials.
Visited by OS (R L) 3 June 1970.

A contour survey of Eilean Fhianain was undertaken after the clearing of the thick scrub that has obscured the island in recent years. In consultation with Dorothy Low of Highland Regional Council a number of gravestones, crosses, the chapel and other monuments were mapped. Sponsor: Highland Regional Council
CFA 1992.
National Library, Country Life 26 December 1941 - photograph

Centred 7520 6828

St. Finnan's Church (NR) (Remains of) Burying Ground (NAT)
OS 6" map, Inverness-shire, 2nd ed., (1901)

The island was the burying place of the Clan Ranalds until the end of the 16th century.
A circular brass brooch found in the burial ground was donated to the NMAS in 1896.
Proc Soc Antiq Scot 1896; M E M Donaldson 1923; W J Watson 1926; S Gordon 1935.

Chapel : St. Finnan's Isle. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11681.

Chapel and altar, St. Finnan's Isle. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11646.

Chapel and burial ground, Eilean Fhiannain. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11654.

Chapel, St. Finnan's Isle. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11652.

Cross, St. Finnan's Isle. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11649.

Eilean Fhiannan : (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12494.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12390.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12391.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12392.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12393.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12394.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12395.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12396.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12397.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12398.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12399.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12400.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12401.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12402.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12403.

Eilean Fhiannan : Scrub Clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12404.

Eilean Fhiannan, chapel after clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12822.

Eilean Fhiannan, cleared area. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11695.

Eilean Fhiannan, general view. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12818.

Eilean Fhiannan, general view. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12819.

Eilean Fhiannan, general view. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12823.

Eilean Fhiannan, general view. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11645.

Eilean Fhiannan, general view. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11648.

Eilean Fhiannan, general view. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11689.

Eilean Fhiannan, general view. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11690.

Eilean Fhiannan, general view. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11691.

Eilean Fhiannan, general view. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11692.

Eilean Fhiannan, general view. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11693.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave marker (incised). (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11667.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave marker. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11688.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave marker. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11682.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave marker. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11683.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave marker. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11684.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave markers (incised). (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11680.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave markers. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11679.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave markers. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11685.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave markers. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11686.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave markers. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11674.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave markers. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11675.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave markers. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11677.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave markers. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11669.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave markers. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11671.

Eilean Fhiannan, grave markers. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11672.

Eilean Fhiannan, information board. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12820.

Eilean Fhiannan, Lair. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11678.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance worker. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11702.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance worker. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11700.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11701.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12824.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12825.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12826.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12821.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11696.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11697.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11698.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11699.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11703.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11704.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11705.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11706.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11707.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11708.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11709.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11676.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11694.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub clearance. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11666.

Eilean Fhiannan, scrub cleared. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11668.

Eilean Fhiannan, structure. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11687.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11673.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11670.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12142.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12143.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12144.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12145.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12146.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12147.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12148.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12149.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12150.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12151.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12152.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12153.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12154.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12155.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12156.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12157.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12158.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12159.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12160.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12161.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12162.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12163.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12164.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12165.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12166.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12167.

Eilean Fhiannan. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG12168.

Highland Council Archaeology Unit, HCAU Slide Collection Sheet 11, 219 (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG24360.

Highland Council Archaeology Unit, HCAU Slide Collection Sheet 12, 226 (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG24361.

Highland Council Archaeology Unit, HCAU Slide Collection Sheet 7, 126,132 (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG24258.

St. Finnan's Isle : Recent burial. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11653.

St. Finnan's Isle, general view from W. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11651.

St. Finnan's Isle, landing jetty. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11647.

St. Finnan's Isle, Loch Shiel, general view. (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG11650.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4787.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4788.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4789.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4790.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4791.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4792.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4793.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4794.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4795.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4796.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4797.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4798.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4799.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4800.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4801.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4802.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4803.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4804.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4805.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4806.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4807.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4808.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4809.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4810.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4811.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4812.

Untitled Source (Image/Photograph(s)). SHG4813.

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Grid reference Centred NM 7520 6827 (4m by 4m) (Buffered by site type)
Map sheet NM76NE
Geographical Area LOCHABER

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